Welcome to my blog about HHO technology!

HHO, or Hydrogen fuel, technology is still in its infancy. I’m an innovator in the HHO alternative fuel industry and owner of Hydrogen Assist Development. Since 2007, I’ve been designing and building my own wet cell and dry cell generators. My eternal objective is┬áto make the next one even better than the last one.

One thing that I do differently than most – and was the FIRST to do it – is use titanium instead of stainless steel. Titanium is more expensive, yes, but it has significant benefits over stainless steel. Titanium doesn’t ever rust so the water stays clean and your engine stays rust-free. Titanium metal allows for a virtually maintenance-free HHO dry cell system for your engine.

I look forward to sharing more with you about my journey with HHO. It’s an exciting industry that is virgining on worldwide acceptance, reducing our overall dependency on foreign oil. To learn more about me and my HHO business, please visit us at www.safehho.com.